About Me!

I'd like to start this with confessing my love for Chick-fil-A. We've been red status for a long time now! (My fellow Chick-fil-A lovers know what I'm talking about!)

Rewind 11 years, back to when my parents bought me my very first DSLR (and I didn't know about Chick-fil-A)! I was photographing everyone who would let me! And I LOVED it! But I really wasn't confident enough to make it my business. I thought, "I'm only 18. No one will take me seriously." Not long after that I joined the USAF. It was there that I met my amazing, handsome husband!

We bought our first home in Great Falls, Montana. Shortly after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which led to a medical retirement. So we sold our home and moved to Ohio. Then Maryland where we had our first baby, Miss Emma Grace! And finally purchased our forever home in Pennsylvania!

Now that we're officially here in Hanover, Pa, I've decided to rewind 11 years and do what I love-- capturing joyful memories that will last a lifetime! And the best part, I get to do what I love and still have the time to be with the ones I love! 

BONUS: We are currently pregnant with our second baby! Due May 14, 2020! 

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