Session Tips

Just a few quick tips to make your session as fabulous as you!​

"Be authentic. Be genuine. Be unique. Be YOU!"


I can’t stress the importance of being you enough. It’s so easy sometimes to get wrapped up in Pinterest but staying true to yourself is going to give you the photos you’re going to love and treasure for a lifetime, not just this season.

Let me give you an example: When I was in high school, I chose a photographer that everyone else was using and I did the same poses all the other girls did. I even have photos of me with wet hair and wearing a push up bra, neither of these things are me... like at all! So now I have these photos of myself that I’m honestly a little embarrassed by because I chose to try to be something I wasn’t.

So anywayssss, I say all of this to say: Be authentic. Be genuine. Be unique. Be YOU! 


Choose weather appropriate clothing. If it’s winter and 20 degrees outside, a tank top might not be the best choice! However, you will want to wear something that is flattering to your figure. The bulkiest coat you own is also maybe not the best choice!

Some more specifics:

Too many accessories can be too much. Keep it simple and small!

Prints and patterns more than often can be too much and can be very distracting.

Darker colors help to slenderize. Light colors help to keep the photos bright.

Hair & Makeup. Once again, keep it simple! Makeup should be natural and not overbearing. Once again, be you!

If you’re a senior, stick to your style! Only you know your style, stay true to it! These tips may not all apply to you.

If you need additional help, reach out to your photographer. That’s part of what you’re paying them for! ;) 


Choose a location that is unique and special to you! If you’re someone who more about the city life, you should absolutely have your session in a city setting. Let’s say downtown surrounded by tall buildings or up high on top of a parking garage with the city scape in the background. Or maybe you love the local lake and you have a million and one memories there. You should absolutely introduce your photographer to your special location and have your photographs taken there. You know, make a million and two memories! Whatever your style, choose a location that is meaningful to you.

"Whatever your style, choose a location that is meaningful to you."


If you have anything that’s special to you, bring it! I’ve had couples bring signs that are special to them to their engagement session and a senior brought her dog once! These are things that make them, them. These things were/are special to them and it was important for them to have those special things in their photos. It all goes back to be YOU!

"Your photographer will pose you perfectly so that you look wonderful in every photograph!"

Trust Your Photographer!

Relax! Your photographer has been doing this for a long time and I promise, the more you relax and trust your photographer, the better your photos will be! Your photographer will pose you perfectly so that you look wonderful in every photograph! So, don’t worry about how you’re going to pose or how you’re going to look, that’s the photographer’s job! If this is an engagement session or your wedding, focus on your love and just let the photographer capture that love!

Choose Your Photographer Wisely.

My best advice is to meet with your photographer before you book him/her. If you don’t vibe well, don’t hire him/her. You absolutely have to be comfortable with your photographer, otherwise you’ll have a hard time relaxing and trusting him/her. And I promise, you don’t want that!

"If you don’t vibe well, don’t hire him/her."

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